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Indoor High Pressure Aeration Blowers

Economic alternative to aeration of 4 to 6 meter deep water silos and wells. Flat flow curve, high pressure and low maintenance.


Indoor High Pressure Blower Oxydent

Low-maintenance, two-stage blowers for aeration applications of up to 4 to 6 meters of water depth. Usually available from stock and with IE2 classification. All three 1.5 kW but different impellers, different pressure and flow curves.

Code Details
IN315047650 Blower 1.5 kW 2-stage max 47m3/h max 650 mbar
IN315063540 Blower 1.5 kW 2-stage max 63m3/h max 540 mbar
IN315087450 Blower 1.5 kW 2-stage max 87m3/h max 450 mbar