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Aeration screen

What is an aeration screen and what is the function?


An aeration screen is literally a screen of bubbles in the water. This creates a local vertical flow that acts as a screen. Aeration Screens are used in surface water to stop plants or pollution from floating through. Lakes, marinas and dead river splits often suffer from accumulating layers of plant residues, waste or algae that cause a nuisance. To prevent this an Oxydent Aeration screen can be used. The advantage of an Oxydent Aeration screen is that the passage remains unobstructed and the water is conditioned at the same time. An Oxydent Aeration screen can also be used in dredging operations to stop slippage from spreading. Another application is to stop salt water from entering freshwater areas. Oxydent has experience building bubble screens up to 20 meters in length and in particular with fixed systems.