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Vacuum Filters

Steel Vacuum Filter Housing with internal BSP thread connections and a paper filter cartridge as standard.


  • Rugged all steel construction with black durable coating.
  • Paper, Polyester, INOX cartridges available.
  • Low pressure drop and high vacuum fittings.
  • Large dirt holding capacity and easy cleaning.
  • On request, dimensions drawing per type available.

Code Details
VF.001 G 3/8" 24 m3/h incl. AF.2093
VF.002/1 G 1/2" 36 m3/h incl. AF.2034
VF.002 G 3/4" 36 m3/h incl. AF.2034
VF.004/1 G 1" 84 m3/h incl. AF.2032
VF.004 G 1.1/4" 84 m3/h incl. AF.2032
VF.003 G 1.1/4" 144 m3/h incl. AF.2051
VF.005 G 1.1/2" 192 m3/h incl. AF.2070
VF.006 G 2" 300 m3/h incl. AF.2050
VF.006/1 G 2.1/2" 300 m3/h incl. AF.2050
VF.007 G 3" 450 m3/h incl. AF.2063
VF.008 G 4" 450 m3/h incl. AF.2063
VF.009 G 3" 660 m3/h incl. AF.2211
VF.010 G 4" 1200 m3/h incl. AF.2086
VF.010.DN125 DIN 125 1200 m3/h incl. AF.2086


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