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Oxydent DO Meter

An affordable handheld waterproof meter for easy measurement of dissolved oxygen in water. The Oxydent DO meter has the same specifications as the top brands but at a much lower price. Supplied in a carrying case with additional membrane caps, pipette, electrolyte and 4 batteries.



The Oxydent electronic oxygen meter is very simple to use. Measure the temperature, dissolved oxygen and saturation percentage in the water with the push of a button. The calibration of the meter for accurate measurement also goes with the push of a button. For the more advanced measurements there is salinity and atmospheric pressure compensation function. The DO meter is waterproof and floats. Membrane caps and electrolyte are easy to replace.


Details: Performance:
Opgeloste / Dissolved O2 0 tot 20 mg/l
Verzadigings/ Saturation 0 tot 200 %
Temperature 0 tot 50 ºC
Zoutgehalte/ salinity compensation 0 – 50 g/l
Temperature & pressure compensation yes / yes manual
Nauwkeurigheid/ Accuracy +/-2%
Battery type 4 x 1,5V
Parameters O2 mg/l +verz.%+ temp
Sensortype Galvanisch
Vervangbare /replaceable sonde ja
Display Graphic backlit
Waterproof IP 57
Garantie / warrenty 1 jaar

Oxydent Do Meter SetPackage

The Oxydent DO meter comes in a handy case with two additional membrane caps, a bottle of electrolyte, four 1.5V batteries, handy hanging cord, polishing paper and instructions.

Code Details
ODM.001 Oxydent DO Meter set
ODM.002 Oxydent DO Meter 2 membrane caps
ODM.003 Oxydent DO Meter 50 ml electrolyte


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