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What is ATEX?

ATEX stands for ATmosphéres EXplosibles and is used for the ATEX 137 Directive (Directive 1999/92 / EC) and the ATEX directive 95 both in the area of explosion under atmospheric conditions. The ATEX 137 covers the installation which is placed in an explosive rich environment and must be done by the installer. ATEX 95 is the standard used for manufacturers of machinery that are suitable to be used in a hazardous environment. Different zones and requirements for the certification and implementation are specified in the regulation. A blower can be supplied in ATEX version which means that it is ‘non sparking’ and therefore does not constitute a risk of explosion. Blowers are widely used to transport hazardous gases and so the ATEX certificate is important. Also, the blower accessories must comply with the standard. Air filters are usually carried out in full of stainless steel because it is not magnetic, and thus can not cause a spark. All components are also grounded. Oxydent offers a full range of ATEX certified blowers.