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Rotary Vane Pump

Operating principle of a rotary vane pump.

Rotary vane pumps have an eccentric rotor, and up and down sliding vanes which scrape along the pump wall. Because of this the rotary vane pump can achieve high pressure and vacuum. There are two types of vane materials in several sizes. The dry running rotary vane pumps get their lubrication by the wear of the carbon fiber vanes and the oil lubricated versions use fiber reinforced composite blades and oil. Oil lubricated pumps need oil separators to filter the oil from the air, dry running pumps have an optional air filter to filter the carbon from the air. (if necessary)

Explanation Image:

  1. Rotor
  2. Eccentric placement
  3. Rotor slots
  4. Vane
  5. Air cell
  6. Inlet port 1
  7. Inlet port 2
  8. Compressed air cell
  9. Exhaust ducts
  10. Exhaust
  11. Pre inlet port