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Air inlet Filters with plastic housing

Oxydent offers a universal range of air intake filters for blowers, rotary blowers, claw pumps, rotary vane pumps and other pressure applications.

Oxydent Airfilter on Elmo Rietschle blower


The complete filter consists of an ABS plastic filter holder, stainless steel shaft, filter cartridge, ABS plastic filter cover and wing nut. The filter holder is connected by a glue connection to a PVC adaptor nipple, bend, or other fitting. The filter elements are easy to change. Filters are available in different capacities. Tailor made connections are also possible, ideal for machine builders.

Oxydent Filter Patronen

Elements available:

  • Papier 99%+ efficiency 5 Micron
  • Polyester 99%+ efficiency 5 Micron (olie en vocht afstotend)
  • HEPA 99%+ efficiency 0,3 Micron Klasse H13

Oxydent Air Filters fro blowers

Code Details
V42.000 Air Filter 100 m3/h Flange 32 mm
V42.020 Air Filter 100 m3/h G 3/4"
V42.025 Air Filter 100 m3/h G 1"
V43.000 Air Filter 300 m3/h Flange 50 mm
V43.032 Air Filter 300 m3/h G 1.1/4"
V43.040 Air Filter 300 m3/h G 1.1/2"
V43.050 Air Filter 300 m3/h G 2"
V45.065 Air Filter 800 m3/h G 2.1/2"
V46.080 Air Filter 1200 m3/h G 3"
V46.100 Air Filter 1200 m3/h G 4"
V47.000 Air Filter 2200 m3/h DIN 125 INOX Flange
V47.004 Air Filter 2200 m3/h DIN 125 to G 4"
V47.005 Air Filter 2200 m3/h DIN 125 to G 5"


Datasheet V42.000

Datasheet V42.020

Datasheet V42.025

Datasheet V43.000

Datasheet V43.032

Datasheet V43.040

Datasheet V43.050

Datasheet V46.080

Datasheet V47.000

Datasheet V47.004

Datasheet V46.100

Datasheet V45.000

Datasheet V45.065