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Compost tea

What is compost tea?

Oxydent compostthee machine

Compost tea is an extract of bacteria from humus rich soil. It is used in order to improve micro life in the soil, and strengthen the resilience of the leaves and roots of a plant or tree. Compost tea that is made the old fashioned way by brewing. It takes about 48 hours to produce. Oxydent has built a machine that extracts instead of brews and produces a good extract within 8 hours completely dissolving the compost. Due to the unique design of the Oxydent Xtractor the compost is kept in suspension constantly. The aeration is much more efficient because it is forced through the compost instead of along the compost as is often the case with old fashion brewing machines.

With the Oxydent Xtractor systems, compost tea is now also suitable for modern horticulture.

Over 150 systems (1000 - 3000 Liter systems) sold world wide!

Note: Oxydent is an aeration expert for advice on the correct ingredients for compost tea, please refer to your your agronomist.


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