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Diffuser Holder ODH.020

Ideal plug and play movable sink aerator for fine bubble aeration from the bottom. Most applied aerator in horticulture for the aeration of water silo’s.


The ODH.020 has 2 diffusers with a length of 390 mm. The Oxydent Diffuser Holder is weighted and remains on the bottom. Transporting the aerator is efficient because the aerator is completely dismantled, making overseas transport affordable. The aerator can be assembled without tools. As standard there is a 32 mm hose adapter which forms a good combination with the Oxypress or PU air supply hose.

The ODH.020 contains 2 diffusers type OAD.390.


  • Aeration
  • Odor control
  • Oxygen transfer
  • Mixing
  • Circulating
  • In water basins
  • In water silos


- Recommended airflows: ODH.020: 5 M3/h – 20 M3/h.
- Pressure loss: hydrostatic pressure + pressure drop piping system.

Code Details
ODH.020 Diffuser Holder with 2 diffusers (20 m3/h)


Assembly ODH.020

Datasheet ODH.020