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Professional Oxygen Meter Set

For professional and error-free measurement of dissolved O2 in water at different depths. No hassle with electrolyte and calibration everything at the touch of a button.

LDO = Luminescence Dissolved Oxygen:

Zuurstofmeter Oxydent Pro

Most DO meters to measure dissolved oxygen are based on electrolytic or galvanic measuring cells. This technique consumes electrolyte and affects the electrode (anode) during the measurement. This leads to deviations of the measurement signal, which makes regular calibration necessary. With the optical technique, based on the emission of light through an oxygen-sensitive layer, the measurement is a purely physical time measurement of light emission. Because this time measurement is free of deviations, calibrations are no longer necessary.

Advantages luminescent compared to electrolyte:

  • No more calibration and reference fluids required
  • No membrane and electrolyte exchange
  • Less sensitive to pollution
  • No sensor damage from H2S
  • Much faster and more accurate
  • And most important; fully automatic so anyone can take a good measurement


There are several brands that sell a handheld meter with LDO. We like to work with the old HACH series ourselves. This has since been replaced by a new unit. HANNA also has an LDO meter.

  1. HACH Type: HQ1130
  2. HANNA Type: HI98198

You can order these meters directly from the above parties.

Oxydent® is working on its own LDO sensor that we will integrate in our own BCU (blower control unit). The O2 values mg/l and saturation percentage are then continuously monitored and aeration is controlled accordingly. With the handy reporting options you can view the progress of the past 24 hours.


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